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 [DD] Rules and Regulations - READ FIRST

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PostSubject: [DD] Rules and Regulations - READ FIRST   Fri Jun 25, 2010 3:32 am

All new members READ THE RULES. Ignorance (i.e. "I didn't know") is not an excuse.

Rules and Regulations

Article I – Clan Conduct

1. We here at Deth Dealerz [DD] are a military themed team. Orders shall be followed both in-game, and within any [DD] website. Failure to obey an order can and will result in disciplinary action.

2. As we are military themed, and some of us having military backgrounds, a degree of respect is required. Disrespect will not be tolerated within our ranks. This includes:

a. Flagrant disobedience of the Chain of Command.

b. Flaming or bashing other [DD] members.

c. Spamming the forums or other [DD] members.

d. Vandalizing any [DD] web site and web site material.

3. As members of [DD], you are also ambassadors to [DD]. As such, your conduct on and off the battlefield, whether playing a private match or on a public server, shall always be exemplary so as to maintain the good image of the clan. A little friendly trash talk is fine, and a sense of humor is always good, but you always stop and think how your words may come across before you speak.

4. No member of [DD] shall ever hack, vandalize, or otherwise infiltrate any friendly, neutral or rival clan web sites. This is grounds for immediate discharge without appeal.

5. Team killing will not be tolerated. Accidents happen, but if you are caught intentionally and repeatedly killing members of your team, then you will be subject to disciplinary action. Repeat offenders will be discharged.

6. Spawn camping is abhorred here at [DD]. Nothing ruins a players experience worse than being spawn camped. Spawn camping applies to camping the enemy’s primary base. This does not apply to camping capture points in Conquest. Members observed to be actively spawn camping will be subject to immediate disciplinary action. Repeat offenders can and will be discharged.

7. There will be no hate speech of any sort from any member, regardless of who it is directed at. This includes racial, religious and ethnic slurs. We at [DD] will NOT tolerate this sort of behavior. Members violating this rule can and will be discharged without appeal.

8. The last and most important rule of this article is to HAVE FUN! Leave your attitudes behind and bring your sense of humor.

Article II – Chain of Command

1. We here at [DD] want to keep a fun and friendly gaming environment for all of our members. Any issues should be taken up the Chain of Command for review. All attempts will be made to handle issues at the lowest level. If that is not possible, the issue will be escalated until resolution.

Article III – Cheating

1. Under no circumstances shall any [DD] member use any hack, cheat or exploit at any time. Cheating gives an unfair advantage not available to all players, and essentially ruins the game. Any member who is suspected of cheating will be investigated. If it is determined that a member is cheating, then they will be immediately discharged without appeal.

2. Unless there is substantial evidence, no member shall ever accuse another of cheating. This is a serious and damaging accusation. Members who “cry wolf” will be subject to disciplinary action, and could end up in the brig (banned for a determined amount of time). Repeat offenders can and will be discharged.

Article IV – Absence

1. We here at [DD] fully understand that real life comes first. If you are going to be absent for a period of 10 days or greater, then the Chain of Command needs to be notified.

2. If you will be gone for a period of greater than 30 days, then we ask that you do your best to maintain periodic contact.

3. Unannounced absence and inactivity can result in discharge from [DD].

4. Signing up for an event and then being absent without notification is frowned upon. Repeated offenses can result in disciplinary action.

5. Going AWOL during battle is not tolerated. We understand that kicks and disconnects sometimes happen for various reasons. You should do your best to let us know if that happens. Willfully and intentionally abandoning the game for any reason is a punishable offense, and it makes us look like quitters.

Article V – Punishment

1. The last thing we want to do is have to punish our members, but it is sometimes necessary in order to maintain good order and discipline. Punishments for offenses are as follows:

a. Minor & First-Time Offense (Minor Disrespect, Poor Conduct, etc.) – Verbal/Written warning. Repeated minor offenses will result in probation. Violations while in a probation status will result in brig time, and possible discharge.

b. Flaming, Bashing, False Accusations, Team Killing, Spawn Camping & Going AWOL – Verbal/Written Warning followed by probation. Repeated offenses will result in 14 days brig time. Continued infractions will possibly result in discharge.

c. Cheating, Hacking, & Vandalization – Immediate grounds for discharge.[center]
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[DD] Rules and Regulations - READ FIRST
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